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Late 1800s

At the end of the nineteenth century, the foresight of two Milanese families (the Locatellis and the Canevaris) gives rise to a production headquarters of remarkable size for that period, keeping them ahead of the times and diving head-first into the future era of dynamism, modernity and technology. 

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Early 1900s

At the opening of the new century  direction of the new company passes into the hands of Emilio Micheletto who, upon marrying Locatelli's daughter, decides to continue the goldsmith company under the Micheletto name.

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1920s and '30s

Acclaim and recognition soon follow and several extraordinary designs are collected by important museums of the period. In 1920 Emilio Micheletto is granted the "10MI" mark identifying the tenth goldsmith company registered with the Measurement Office of the Milan Chamber of Commerce. The company works for such very important brands as Van Cleef.

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1940s and '50s

In spite of the World War, these years witness the beginning of the great trade fairs and the Micheletto brand appears in the international marketplace. In the same period Emilio's children revolutionize the products and the techniques of working, making a name for the company in the jewelry sector - especially with regard to their creation of completely new lines of products.

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1960s and '70s

Success and acclaim from the press continue and Micheletto begins sales in the United States. In this period a great invention is made: the extruding tube!

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1980s and '90s

The Micheletto brand strengthens its position in the market. The very enthusiastic employees and craftsmen are rewarded for contributing their dedication and productivity to making the brand such a success. In this period great Hollywood stars and princesses flaunt their passions and admire the Micheletto style. They're photographed with Micheletto jewels long before the age of influencers!

pallino storia

1990s and 20 noughts

Micheletto continues its rise to success, even out of the limelight - for instance as a provider to world-renowned brands. By now Olivo Micheletto's daughter Roberta leads the company. This handover coincides with a real wave of innovation in defining its business strategy as well as in its creation and management of collections that attract attention for their ability to unite time-old craftsmanship with creative freshness, without kowtowing to the excesses of fashion.

pallino storia

2010 to 2020

Over the last decade Micheletto has participated in the jewelry Oscar and, for two consecutive years, has been awarded the second prize! 
Today Micheletto celebrates its most important 100 years: the 10MI mark!

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